About Us

Our aim is to provide customers worldwide with the best and most unique Buddha products there are and as you can tell just by our website & office, we take a lot of pride and joy in doing so.
Our beautiful office is a constant reminder to follow The Noble Eightfold Path at all times and reminds us why we founded TheBuddhaMan.
Most other Buddha related companies do not pay attention to detail to the same degree as us. Furthermore, the products they are selling are not of the same quality as ours. We also found that our pricing is unbeatable – have a look for yourself our prices are the best on the market!
Here at TheBuddhaMan we have a strong relationship with all of our Overseas Supplier hence are able to process orders swiftly and ship directly to our customers address’s, ultimately reducing the carbon footprint of our Company.
Due to our products being made to order, our delivery times are approx. 10-20 working days which our customers can track directly on our website. We appreciate some customers may be frustrated with delivery times however they are directly supporting the reduction of the carbon footprint of our Company as mentioned before.
If our customers have any questions we usually respond within 48Hrs.
We hope you love TheBuddhaMan